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5 things you need for your new puppy

2nd October 2020

Welcoming your forever puppy to their new forever home for the first time is one of the most magical moments you’ll share with your beautiful new addition. 

We know exactly how it feels to bring them into their new safe haven; and the hours, days and weeks you’ll spend watching ‘Puppy TV’ (just know this doesn’t change as they grow!)

In celebration of your new bundle of joy, here are our 5 favourite items for you and your forever puppy to enjoy:

1. My First Puppy Bed Bundle

Because what says comfort and security more than your new puppy cuddled up in a Sherpa fleece fabric bed, with a heated base and gentle ticking clock mimicking mums heartbeat?

Buy it now: Fleece Puppy Bed

2.  Doodlebone Airmesh Harnesses

A harness is perfect for puppies and small dogs so as not to put pressure on those delicate little necks.  These Doodlebone are lightweight and machine washable, keeping them safe, comfortable, clean and looking as gorgeous as ever.

Buy it now: Doodlebone Airmesh Harnesses

3.  Hugo & Hudson Puffer Jackets

We can't deal with how adorable puppies look in these lovely puffer jackets from Hugo & Hudson!

But as beautiful as they are, it's not just about how they look, because they're super soft, so comfortable, and they're made from such great quality materials that you can really feel the difference.

They're also available in a variety of colours, so we know there's one perfect for your pup.

Buy it now: Hugo and Hudson Puffer Jackets

4. Magisso Small Ceramic Cooling Bowl

Perfectly sized for your puppy, this bowl made of cooling ceramic helps keep your puppy’s water cool and fresh, in turn keeping them healthy and happy. We really love this product as it looks great in the grey or tangerine colourways and is extremely clever.

Buy it now: Ceramic Dog Bowls

5. The Dog House Random Rewards

As they start to grow and you start training your puppy, these Random Rewards are the perfect treat to help encourage great behaviour. 

Prepared by the culinary expertise of the late Michel Roux Sr alongside esteemed training school The Dog House, training treats simply do not come more accomplished and world renowned as this (just remember to make sure any treats are suitable for the size and age of your dog).

Buy it now: Dog House Training Treats

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H2O4K9 Neosling - Black


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H2O4K9 Stainless Steel 25oz Dog Drinking Bottle - Navy Blue


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H2O4K9 Stainless Steel 9.5 oz Dog Drinking Bottle - Pink


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H2O4K9 Stainless Steel 9.5oz Dog Drinking Bottle - Black


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