Puff over your dog's coat, keeping upright so that air can escape, then brush or massage into fur. The powder brushes out, taking the dirt with it leaving you with fresh scented cuddles! Bathing your dog too often can dry out the natural oils in the skin - this way you can still keep their coat clean and smelling bath fresh, and this lovely lavender scent helps to calm and relax your dog. Can be used in pet bedding areas or anywhere pet odour lingers. Suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog (1 sachet contains enough for 5-7 cleans of a large dog, or 15-20 cleans of a small dog). Not recommended for cats. Free from chemicals and synthetic fragrances. 100% natural ingredients, biodegradable and environment friendly, this is a safe and natural option between washes/bathing. Custom made refillable applicator bulb. Lavender oil dry shampoo. Made in Britain.

Max & Lucy Lavender Dry Dog Shampoo

  • The Lavender helps her to relax and mummy loves the sleepy cuddles