How to measure for dog clothes

8th November 2020

Making sure your dog’s clothes fit perfectly not only makes for a more comfortable and safer pup, but an even more gorgeous one too!

Here at Coco’s Puppy Boutique getting the right size is what we do – when you register with us, add your dog to your account and we’ll help make sure you, your family, and your friends always get the perfect size for your perfect pup.

Once you’ve followed our guide below, head here to Register Your Dog.

When it comes to measuring your dog there are three measurements you need; Neck, Chest and Length.


Get this measurement by placing a tape measure around your dog’s neck in the same place that their collar would normally sit.

(Don’t forget you can download your printable tape measure here if you need to)

Don’t measure the exact tight measurement - what you’re looking for is a little extra room to fit two fingers between their neck and your tape measure.


Here you’ll need to start off by placing your tape measure behind your dogs front legs – bring it round from underneath to meet on their back. You’re looking for the widest part – and again, make sure you can fit two fingers between their body and the tape measure too.


Start off by laying the tape measure along their spine – begin at the base of ther neck where the collar would sit, then measure to where the tail starts.  And you’re done!

Still struggling? Drop our team of experts a line and we’ll talk you through it.

Once you’re done remember to register your dog and their measurements before checking out our gorgeous range of dog clothing here.

Add your dog’s membership number when adding to your basket so we can do an extra size check for you before sending your order out.

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Hugo & Hudson Blue Stripe Easy Fit Harness - Size 8


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Hugo & Hudson Blue, Red & White Easy Fit Harness - Size 5


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Hugo & Hudson Blue, Red & White Easy Fit Harness - Size 6


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Hugo & Hudson Blue, Red & White Easy Fit Harness - Size 8